The Office of the Registrar of the Supreme Court is established by Section 10 (2) of Judicial Service Act and Section 9 of the Supreme Court Act. The Registrar acts in accordance with the direction of the Chief Justice, the Court and the rules of the Court.

The functions of the Registrar are outlined in Section 10(1) of the Supreme Court Act. In particular, the Registrar is in charge of record keeping and the day-to-day administration of the Court. The Registrar is responsible for—

  1. the establishment and maintenance of the Registry;
  2. the acceptance, transmission, service and custody of documents in accordance with the rules;
  3. taxing costs of any proceedings before the Court as between the parties;” (d) certifying that any order, direction or decision is an order,
  4. direction or decision of the Court, or of the Chief Justice or
  5. other judge, as the case may be;
  6. causing to be kept records of the proceedings and the minutes
  7. of the meetings of the Court and such other records as the
  8. Court may direct;
  9. the management and supervision of the staff of the Court;