The Supreme Court jurisdiction is set out under Articles 58(5), 163(3), (4), (5) &(6), 168(8) of the Constitution and Sections 12, 13, 15, 29 and 40 of the Supreme Court Act No. 7 of 2011 Laws of Kenya, as follows, to:-

  1. Exclusively hear and determine disputes relating to the Presidential elections.
  2. Hear and determine appeals from the Court of Appeal:
  3. as of right where the case involves interpretation or application of the Constitution.
  4. where the Supreme Court or the Court of Appeal certifies that a matter of general public importance is involved. A certification by the Court of Appeal may be reviewed by the Supreme Court and either affirmed, varied or overturned.
  5. Hear and determine Appeals from any other court or tribunal, as prescribed by national legislation.
  6. Render advisory opinion at the request of the National Government, any State organ, or any County Government, with respect to any matter concerning County Government.
  7. Determine the validity of :-
  8. a declaration of a state of emergency;
  9. an extension of such declaration and
  10. any legislation enacted or action taken in consequence of a declaration of a state of emergency.
  11. Hear and determine appeals against a tribunal’s recommendation to remove a Judge.